Behind the scenes of a photo shoot

Posted on September 30, 2015 by Kristin deNeeve

A few weeks ago, I drove to my old stompin' ground to visit some friends and photograph some new products. It was like a party with my best friends: Marita Madeloni took the photos, Maria Hill helped model (a.k.a. drink wine) and style the product shots, and other friends dropped in to hang out during the shoot. It was the most fun I've ever had during a photo shoot. But by the end of the day, we were totally pooped! Styling the products, getting the right lighting, and making sure things translated in the photos was a lot of work. And I wasn't even the one taking the photos!

Here's a little behind the scenes visual journal, so you can see what goes on behind the camera. All photos © 2015 Madeloni Photography unless otherwise credited.

Setting up for the Wine Tasting Party Kit shoot. Yes, of course those are donuts in that bag.


Pouring wine...


Left: Sometimes you gotta get in funky positions to get it just right. That's what she said. Photo credit: Shawn Hamilton.

Right: Maria's husband, Shawn, was a good sport.


Left: Maria oogling one of my cards. I'm pretty sure her facial expression changed once she saw what it said on the inside.

Right: Discussing a strategy for arranging the cards.


Left: Making cards look "casually" arranged takes lots of effort.

Right: Gettin' crafty with snowflakes.


A mess of Semi Sweet Press stuff.


Getting the props juuuuust right with my hand that looks like a claw.


I made a huge mess of their dining room table, which we had to promptly clean up to prepare for a dinner party later that day.


Marita Madeloni is a portrait and lifestyle photographer, and kicks some major ass in the kitchen. See more of her genius. Maria Hill is a brand coach, lifestyle blogger, and donut aficionado. Learn more about what makes her awesome.